The DWT brand

DWT is a registered trademark belonging to MeritLink group. Our primary business function is the production of power tools, hardware equipments and welding machines under the brand name. Our products are among the most competitive within the international market. Our success is the result of an experienced team, using modern equipment in our factories, complying with quality control system, and working with other world famous power tools manufacturers for many years.

Our mission

Today we have a large chain of distributors around the world, which continues to grow each year. This is the result of our professional approach which includes successful sales strategy, flexibility and loyalty, various forms of partnership from joint ventures to exclusive agreements, continuous support to new businesses, organizing and financing advertising campaigns and exhibitions, choosing the correct range of DWT tools and accessories for a specific market. Our prominent experience within the international market helped us to design a wide range of products, which is renewed every year according to the modern market requirements. Quality, competitive prices, a wide range of spare parts for warranty and after warranty services - all make DWT tools competitive to other world manufacturers.

Our services

All DWT power tools are sold with a warranty and service support. After warranty servicing is also available. There are more than 500 service centers in 40 countries where DWT tools can be repaired. A wide range of spare parts allows us to fix tools quickly and efficiently. Through team experience and our distributors in various countries, our specialists in the service department have developed a wide range of services as ensure the essential variety and quantity of spare parts for distributor's stock, arrange and monitor of spare parts stock, plan of company expenditures on warranty service, account management when using other service centers, instructions manual on the unification and compatibility of spare parts, identification of the manufacture date for each product and verification of authenticity for warranty and service cards via the DWT website.


All our well-advanced factories fully conform to international standards. We can proudly say that DWT products are highly appreciated by our customers among the international market, and are among the most competitive. This success has been possible thanks to our professional and experienced team and thanks to our factories, equipped with all the best and more modern machineries, in compliance of quality control system ISO 9001 2000 and in constant collaboration with other world famous power tool manufacturers.

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Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Do what you say you will do and be accountable for your actions. Apply truth and honesty in dealing ethically with all people. Promise: to not disappoint the expectations of the customer, to remain faithful to the world of values that belong to the brand identity, to understand and to give voice to the customer needs.


Exercise your passion to achieve excellence.
Demonstrate the courage to take risks. Celebrate success and recognize achievements. Ensure we are vital to our customers. We establish trust in our customers thanks to internal know-how and capability; our brand is founded on these qualities. They define heritage and a well grounded value set.


Evaluate positive and negative experiences as sources of learning and innovation.
Constantly break the routine by taking risks. Exercise the freedom of choice: love it, leave it, or change it. The sense of leadership and the constant desire to evolve and reinvent ourselves, guide our ability of responding to changes and our talent in creating new opportunities.


Build an environment of open communication, sharing ideas and knowledge.
Assemble diverse talents to create organizational excellence. Work together to build a better DWT for our customers. Foster an atmosphere of respect, openness, fun and cooperation. The strategy and corporate identity shared by all members of the teamwork provide a consistency that characterizes all DWT aspects.




It is a world-class leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of power tools, outdoor power equipment, and hardware related products for consumers, professional and industrial users in the home improvement, repair and construction industries. Our unrelenting strategic focus on powerful brands, innovative products, business operation excellence and exceptional people drives our culture.

  • International group

    We’re an international group, we sell our brands in more than 40 countries worldwide. To control this huge network we’ve established two hedquarters and we’re going to open three subsidiaries strategically located in the heart of the most interesting markets. Our branch officies supervise operations and markets expansion. Our officies are the touching points with our business partners, keep the relationship and grow the business, together.




    South America + US

    Merit Link USA*


    (Purchasing/sales/brand management)


    C.I.S + Europe

    Merit Link Swiss




    China + South East Asia

    Merit Link China




    C.I.S + Europe

    Merit Link Dubai




    C.I.S + Europe

    Merit Link Singapore*

  • Headquarters

    Merit Link has two bases, one in Switzerland and one in China. These are our hequarters, in Switzerland we’re focus on the brand management, product design, R&D and innovation.Switzerland branch is also the base of purchasing and sales for EMEA markets. In China we’ve the core of the operation center, production sites, chainstores for China domestic market and sales management for APAC markets.

    Brand management

    International Image

    Purchasing center OEM

    Product design / communication

    Operation Center

    Production capabilities

    Chain store

    Supplier union

  • Business model

    Under the same business model concept and management system operate the business worldwide. Our offer consist in a combination of products and sales channel. We’ve developed a group of brands to fulfill the markets needs and our own retail network to push the products in the market. Combining traditional off line sales method with On-line platform of E-commerce.


    Multi-Brand / Categories platform

    On World-wide markets Meritlink is delivering an offer based on a multi-brand, multi positioning Architecture. Thanks to its four private labels can offer a complete solution for the hardware tools sector. Four quality levels and a wide range of products can satisfy the demand of the markets. Today Meritlink operate the business in 40 countries worldwide and continuosly expand the markets.

    • Four private labels
    • Four quality levels
    • Wide range of categories
    • Wide range of products
    • International markets


    Chainstore / E-commerce / Service

    In China domestic market Meritlink is operating a new solution based on Chianstore business model. Meritlink refer to a famous player of hardware stores. Meritlink is a Tools and Service provider and combine offline + on-line offer in order to compete in the market. The product offer include private labels, agent brands and famous brand in the hardware sector.

    • Chainstore
    • Tools + Service provider
    • Offline + Online
    • Private labels + Agent Brands
    • Famous Brands
  • Chainstore

    In China domestic market Merit Link has started its own chainstores to better support the growing demand of hardware tools. Merit Link can support and help the retailers to build a complete infrastructure to better serve the users. Joining Merit Link the shop owner can access to a world of opportuinites, having a wide choice in terms of brands/products selection and services like warehousing, purchasing, promotion.

    Unified brand image


    Image renovation

    Marketing promotion

    Brand promotion

    Service system

    Chainstore service


    After sales service


    Technical support

    Customer care

    Product system

    Data system

    Power tools

    Garden tools

    Welding equipm.

    Hand tools

    Pneumatic equipm.

    Brand system

    Purchase / sales

    Private labels

    Agent brands

    Famous brands

    Training system



    Technical training

    Product training

    Chainstore system

    Chainstore management

    Common image

    Standard products

    Standard service

    Standard managment

    Talent input

  • Brand architecture

    Merit Link fulfill the necessities of hardware market, offering a complete group of brands with different quality level positioning. We’ve four private labels and also agent brands. The products and categories are developed according the different necessities of each professional segments under the same vision and strategy. In order to always provide the best products, with the best technology at the best price.




    Own brands




    Agent brand